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seamless geolocation visibility

tiny trackers - total solution

truvami® is reshaping the future of security through innovative tracking solutions. We combine Swiss precision with advanced technology to offer tiny yet powerful devices that empower you with continuous geolocation insights for your assets, both indoors and outdoors.

Swiss Made

Swiss Made

truvami vertical Rescue & Protection
truvami vertical transport & logistics
truvami vertical animal tracking
truvami icon seamless indoor / outdoor

seamless indoor / outdoor

our multiprotocol approach enables localization indoors and outdoors seamlessly

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end-to-end solution

truvami® combines device, connectivity and application into one flexible solution

truvami icon compact size

compact tracker size

our tracking devices are built for the smallest requirements - yet robust and powerful

truvami icon battery

Power efficient

we implemented LoRaWAN® technology, enabling ultra-low power communication

truvami dashboard

truvami® tracking solutions

provide visibility

leveraging cutting-edge technology, we equip you with tools that offer accurate positioning, high flexibility and ultra robustness at smallest size: setting a new standard in the tracking technology industry. Our tracking solutions as a service ensure your company assets and workforce are safeguarded wherever they are, indoors and outdoors. Our commitment to Swiss quality, combined with the flexibility of our solution, ensures you know about the whereabouts of your assets, every step of the way.

highly customizable end-to-end solution

tailored to your individual demands

our solution is customized to meet the specific requirements of various industries, with a particular focus on rescue & protection, construction, transport and animal tracking. The end-to-end solution ranges from tiny trackers, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, to a flexible platform that allows for high customization to cater the diverse business needs.

truvami vertical Rescue & Protection

Rescue & protection

when response time is critical: locate people and objects with high accuracy, even in challenging terrains

truvami vertical Construction & Infrastructure

Construction & Infrastructure

increase the security of your workforce, accurately locate your equipment and protect it from theft

truvami vertical transport & logistics

Transport & Logistics

enable increased efficiencies of your logistics having continuous insights into the location of your transport assets and goods

truvami vertical animal tracking

Animal tracking

acquire geolocation and environmental data on animal whereabouts and their movements

thriving through partnerships

our partners

your path with truvami®

how it works

truavmi icon discuss

1. Discovery

in our initial conversation, we seek to gain a deep understanding of your needs and see how our solution can be tailored to support your unique use-case

truvami icon workshop

2. workshop

together, we dive into the specific details of your project and provide you with a detailed quote to bring transparency to our partnership

truvami icon checklist

3. Pilot

before committing to a full-scale implementation, you have the opportunity to evaluate our products through a proof of value, ensuring they align with your expectations

truvami icon go live

4. go live

following a successful pilot phase that meets your criteria, we stand ready to assist you in smoothly transitioning to a full-scale implementation

Ready for your first step?

are you seeking to enhance security in your company, safeguarding people and your values with the latest technology? We’re committed to making that a reality. I look forward to meeting you and introducing our advanced tracking solution as a service.

Chiara Koopmans – Managing Director truvami
Chiara Koopmans, Managing Director truvami
Chiara Koopmans – Managing Director truvami
Chiara Koopmans, Managing Director truvami

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